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We are proud to carry American Made steel carports and housing by American Building Network.


American Made Building of the Week

🇺🇸 Secured storage and weather coverage — all in one package! Our building of the week is an extended length utility combo garage, perfect for ANY home.

Our 22′ wide by 40′ long utility carport is anchored by a 22’x10′ storage shed with a sealed 8’x8′ garage door and a pair of grid windows. 🦅

The carport itself provides 30′ of shade to keep your cars, or picnic areas, safe from sun and weather damage. We completed the look with a 3′ panel on each side and an enclosed front gable with deluxe trim package.

Delivered and Installed for only $8500 plus your state and local sales tax! 

No Credit Card Fees for deposits! 
No Origination Fees on ANY TERM!!! 

As low as $314.81 per month on a 60 month Rent to Own 

As low as $180.56 per month on a

60 month Finance Deal 

#BuyAmerican #VeteranRun

22’x41’x9′ Vertical Roof Utility Shed and Carport Combo

Certified 140/30
22′ wide by 10′ long fully enclosed utility building. 22′ wide by 30′ long carport with gable and full panels on each side and a 10′ utility enclosure with Premium Sealed 8’x8′ Garage Door and two windows.

MSRP $8500 (plus state/local tax)


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