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Introducing the UDECX™ Simple Outdoor Living. This composite decking system is beautiful and easy to design, easy to install and easy to take with you when you’re on the move!! Which makes it a great fit for RV owners and enthusiasts! If you are a real estate agent or staging company, outdoor events company, landscaper or contractor. This product is a great solution because of its simple and easy to install design.

UDECX™ Design Center (Website)

Micro-Air EasyStart

The EasyStart™ model 364, 3 ton capacity inverter, reduces the amperage needed to start an A/C compressor motor by 60-75%. It is a gamechanger for the RV industry. The Micro-air line also makes a similar model for homes and even larger AC and compressor applications. By reducing the amperage it takes to start the AC motors you will not have brownouts and breakers kicking. Also, it allows you to run AC while using your refrigerator and other small appliances at the same time without power interruption.
EasyStart™ Model 364 (Facebook Post)

The EasyStart™ model 368, 6 ton capacity inverter, is the model for residential home A/C units. Like the model 364 for RV rooftop A/C applications. It works with the same efficiency preventing brownouts and breaking kicks by reducing the amperage it takes to start you’re A/C’s compressor by 60-75%. If you have an older home and notice lights dimming when the A/C comes on. This product will change that. More efficient power usage may even reduce your electric bill!
EasyStart™ Model 368 (Facebook Post)
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